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Basic mechanism of dispersant

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1.It is adsorbed on the surface of solid particles, which makes the surface of condensed solid particles easy to be wetted.

2.Macromolecular dispersant, forming adsorption layer on the surface of solid particles ,The electric charge on the surface of solid particles is increased, and the reaction force between particles forming three-dimensional obstruction is increased.

3.To form a bimolecular layer structure on the surface of solid particles ,The polar end of outer dispersant has strong affinity with water ,Increase the wettability of solid particles by water .Solid particles are far away from each other due to electrostatic repulsion.

4.Make the system uniform, increase the suspension performance, do not precipitate, make the physical and chemical properties of the whole system the same

以上所述,Using dispersant can disperse solid particles in liquid stably.

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